The Paramelis Nature Restoration Fund is about to complete its first project


Exciting news from Paramelis Island! In February 2023, the Paramelis Nature Restoration Fund (Paramelis NRF), with generous support from the VGP Foundation, began work on a groundbreaking project that promotes biodiversity while simultaneously making tourism on the picturesque island of Paramelis sustainable. This ambitious project, overseen and verified by the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), is now nearing completion and promises to be a highlight for nature lovers and ecotourists.

A Path Through Untouched Nature – Soon, Paramelis NRF will open a unique wooden boardwalk that meanders through the fascinating landscape of a flooded floodplain and swamp forest. This boardwalk will allow visitors to experience the area's unique flora and fauna up close without disturbing the sensitive ecosystems.

Knowledge and Wonder – Along this path, four carefully designed information boards invite visitors to learn more about the valuable natural treasures of the swamp forest, the floodplain forest, and the marshy valley of the Katra River. These educational stations offer fascinating insights and promote awareness of the protection of these unique environments.

A Tower That Opens Views – As the crowning finish of the path, a nature observation tower designed by the renowned Norwegian architects from Biotope rises at the edge of the Katra Valley. This wooden masterpiece will not only provide a breathtaking view over the valley but also a privileged vantage point for observing the diverse birdlife and other wildlife.

With the completion of the preparatory work and the upcoming start of the implementation phase, Paramelis NRF is excited to present this project to the public in spring 2024. It is a testament to our commitment to nature conservation and offers a sustainable way to discover and enjoy the beauty of Paramelis Island.

Stay tuned as we are about to turn a new chapter in the story of conservation and sustainable tourism. This project is just the beginning of our journey to promote and protect the incomparable treasures of nature on Paramelis.