New hope for the swamps of Paramelis: the Truxor Dorotea


In an exciting development for conservation, the Paramelis Nature Restoration Fund made a significant investment in the fall of 2023 that will revolutionize the way we manage the surrounding wetlands of Paramelis. The arrival of the Truxor Dorotea, a Swedish amphibious vehicle, marks a turning point in our efforts to preserve the valuable ecosystems of our "island." .

Why the Truxor Dorotea?

Until now, we relied on the hands of numerous volunteers who gathered once a year to cut reeds and shrubs in the most central parts of the valley. This laborious work covered only 5-8 hectares – a fraction of the entire 100-hectare swamp landscape. With the Truxor Dorotea, which can move on land as well as in water, we now aim to expand the maintained area to 30 hectares within the next five years. An ambitious goal that would be unreachable without this versatile vehicle.

The Importance of Maintenance

The Katra Valley, where the marshes are located, is a place of extraordinary biodiversity, recognized as such over a century ago. Unfortunately, drainage during the Soviet era severely damaged the valley's hydrological regime and thus its ability to support rare animal and plant species. Decades of grazing and haymaking by the villagers of Paramelis helped to keep the valley alive, but the decline in livestock farming has led to the valley becoming increasingly overgrown, threatening its unique fauna and flora.

Today, the Katra Valley is home to many rare and protected species such as the black grouse, the marsh harrier, the crane, the spotted crake, the hen harrier, as well as several species of orchids and other rare plants and birds. Through the restoration of the valley, we hope to also welcome back the great snipe, which once found a home here.

A Thank You to Our Supporters

This significant progress would not have been possible without the generosity of our donors and the tireless work of our volunteers. Every cut blade of grass, every saved plant is a testament to the collective efforts to preserve and restore the wilderness of Paramelis for future generations.

With the Truxor Dorotea, we have not just a tool; we have renewed a promise to nature that her voice will be heard and her space respected. This is not only a victory for biodiversity but also a triumph of community and hope.

We are at the beginning of an exciting chapter in the conservation story of Paramelis. Together, we are writing the future – one hectare at a time. Our dream of a revived Katra Valley, a refuge for the rare beauties of our world, becomes more tangible with each passing day.